Destruction & Chaos

It's becoming clear now that in my lifetime we will see the truly awesome power of mother nature and what it wants. We will see and hear the cries of people in crisis. This year we've seen more destruction from natural disaster than ever before. Let us not forget what the money hoarders of this country have done and insisted upon by buying our government. They've let people poison our food, our water, and our air. Humans are so foolish and forgetful to think that releasing chemicals into the air and water has no effect. When will we see ourselves as other, united as one instead of constantly cutting off our own head? It reminds me of the ouroboros, constantly devouring itself. Maybe that's how peace is created, when people are too busy picking up the pieces of destruction to bear arms. It's been a long time since I've heard anything about the keystone pipeline. How easy it is for some to forget. There are major consequences to digging up sacred sites. This past set of eclipses really set things off in a major way. It's funny how people can pretend that the stars and planets have no effect on us. We like to think we're above these subtle waves but how could we be a part of everything without feeling a little bit of it? Everyone on this planet is the manifestation of an ancestors dream. The life I'm living was given to me by all the people that dreamed up things into reality long before I arrived on the scene, the plans of a house, street, name, building, car. The utensils I use to eat, draw, the way we utilize electricity. People have invented a number of incredible things and there are others that see inventions and intentionally find a way to make them disappear, they see it as a threat to money and big business control. Tesla is a prime example, a purveyor of free energy, he had a vision that would have changed the nightmare we see unfolding today so dramatically. As a lover of science and quantum physics, I can't help but think that reality exists. Sometimes I like to imagine what that world is like. Can you see it too?

Eclipse reflections: Harmony Moon PI Origins

Happy Eclipse Day! Hope you've found some time to reflect, clear your mind and ease yourself during this powerful transition. I'm stoked and feeling blessed to be alive at this point in time.

As many of you know the moon has inspired a significant amount of growth in me especially since taking up the alias Harmony Moon Pi, many people have asked what it means or how I came up with the name. The backstory began in 2012 when I started doing solo performances by the name Modesty. Modesty was not intended as a cover-up or meek name it represents the character Modesty Blaise a badass female comic hero/spy that lives by her own rules and belongs to no man. She's sexy, intelligent and cunning not to mention her ninja skills and the pursuit of the ultimate thrill of adventure!

Harmony Moon Pi was born around this time to distinguish my artistic and musical self and harness a series of synchronicities playing out during that time. It was really pretty simple, multiple versions of the word harmony were piercing into my awareness from the street I lived on, to the place I worked and a number of other things. What you may not know is that my birth name Chantelle means a song or a singer. My love of music has never wavered. However my desire to share and perform music has at times. That being said, it's all come full circle (Pi) I'm more creative and inspired than ever and using my skills to provide the best service I can. Harmony Moon Pi has become more than a brand, a moniker or an idea it's a journey of unwavering belief in my self and the many facets of my being, giving them each a place to stand in this world. Harmony Moon Pi is the result of my aspirations to exist peacefully in unity, balance and cosmic bliss. The name Harmony has even followed me into my career as an educator. It brings me joy to see teachers and children light up when they say my name.

Why anger works

After recent events I've started to consider anger and how it works. This blog entry will be an exploration of anger and it's usefulness. I believe that there can be a positive aspect to anger. Anger invigorates us towards immediate action. While it's not always useful to be reactive with your anger, it is useful to feel inspired towards constructive action. Anger is a fierce energy, that demands our attention. One thing I've learned is that anger is usually the emotion that sets in before, after or during grief or pain. Pain is the underlying condition of anger. Anger can motivate us to speak up about injustices or "wrong doing" against us or the people we care for. If used constructively it calls our inner power to be used to point out something that doesn't sit well with you. If you are able to control your anger and harness it you can speed through issues of racism, sexism, or disrespect.

Over the past year I've spent a lot of time pondering about temperance. Temperance is moderation, or in other words, learning how to harness your fire side. It's a balance and a guide to achieving inner harmony and peace with others. I can't act like I'm the perfect person and don't yell or get upset when I'm angry. What I can say, is that I've learned to let that anger guide me and the people I surround myself with. Often times I've seen an immediate and significant shift after a fit of anger. Something important is being addressed and brought to the surface for clearing and it can be uncomfortable! Once you are able to state your case and feel heard usually those feelings dissipate immediately. Often times after a fit of anger I find it important to readdress what was learned calmly and of course apologize, usually not for the things I said, but for raising or changing the tone of my voice. If someone is raising their voice in anger it is a sign that person really wants to be heard! Now, it's not always easy to listen to someone once they are yelling! So it's a good idea if this makes you uncomfortable to tell the person, state your boundaries! You can calmly say, I see that you are upset but I cannot talk to you when you are yelling at me. Or you can walk away, hang up the phone and leave the conversation for another day. Every situation is different, it's a lot easier to handle with someone you know.

However, there are certainly incidents of unprovoked anger from a total stranger. In these instances I've found it important to observe the person's behavior carefully and find the safest exit. That person is obviously not in the state of mind to listen to reason and it's not your job to do so anyhow! It's hard to know how they could react. As a woman I've encountered this type of situation where all of my senses were alert, especially in a place where there was no one else to witness the harassment. I've encountered harassment in the workplace on multiple occasions and in these situations it was always important to quietly document the behavior. In some instances there were multiple issues that arose into something bigger. It's important to note what you are willing and able to tolerate and who you can turn to for help and support in the matter. 

I do believe one of the most important factors in changing our relationship with anger is to acknowledge that a desire is not being fully met. In the case of harassment at work I was put into a situation where I was willing to ignore a lot of the issues I was having with the person as it seemed an intrinsic part of their personality. Once they sensed that I was unwilling to humor them they got angry and it was only then that I was able to tell them of multiple instances of inappropriate comments they had made. In this case their anger was met with information of which they had been entirely ignorant of until the circumstances called for clearing.

In sharing these thoughts I hope to cultivate a better understanding of the usefulness of fully expressing our emotions. Finding a container for our emotions is important, yet so is feeling through them and being heard. These are important times to use our fire as fuel instead of letting it go unchecked and becoming destructive.



Fact Magazine recently featured my friends S U R V I V E with this bomb ass mix, I recommend turning it up loud and driving around like you own the place. At least that's what I've been doing. Adam Jones of Holodeck records member ofbands S U R V I V E and Troller have been inspiring me for ages. They embody the type of friends you can feel from miles away and when you see them in person they're just some chill ass dudes with epic taste in music. It brings me so much joy to see them thriving and getting well deserved recognition.

*side note* still figuring out my blog and I am unable to embed the music content link right now :( will fix soon

Women’s avant-garde electronic music

As my first new blog post I'd like to point to this incredible mix of women, the full article can be found here


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