Eclipse reflections: Harmony Moon PI Origins

Happy Eclipse Day! Hope you've found some time to reflect, clear your mind and ease yourself during this powerful transition. I'm stoked and feeling blessed to be alive at this point in time.

As many of you know the moon has inspired a significant amount of growth in me especially since taking up the alias Harmony Moon Pi, many people have asked what it means or how I came up with the name. The backstory began in 2012 when I started doing solo performances by the name Modesty. Modesty was not intended as a cover-up or meek name it represents the character Modesty Blaise a badass female comic hero/spy that lives by her own rules and belongs to no man. She's sexy, intelligent and cunning not to mention her ninja skills and the pursuit of the ultimate thrill of adventure!

Harmony Moon Pi was born around this time to distinguish my artistic and musical self and harness a series of synchronicities playing out during that time. It was really pretty simple, multiple versions of the word harmony were piercing into my awareness from the street I lived on, to the place I worked and a number of other things. What you may not know is that my birth name Chantelle means a song or a singer. My love of music has never wavered. However my desire to share and perform music has at times. That being said, it's all come full circle (Pi) I'm more creative and inspired than ever and using my skills to provide the best service I can. Harmony Moon Pi has become more than a brand, a moniker or an idea it's a journey of unwavering belief in my self and the many facets of my being, giving them each a place to stand in this world. Harmony Moon Pi is the result of my aspirations to exist peacefully in unity, balance and cosmic bliss. The name Harmony has even followed me into my career as an educator. It brings me joy to see teachers and children light up when they say my name.