Destruction & Chaos

It's becoming clear now that in my lifetime we will see the truly awesome power of mother nature and what it wants. We will see and hear the cries of people in crisis. This year we've seen more destruction from natural disaster than ever before. Let us not forget what the money hoarders of this country have done and insisted upon by buying our government. They've let people poison our food, our water, and our air. Humans are so foolish and forgetful to think that releasing chemicals into the air and water has no effect. When will we see ourselves as other, united as one instead of constantly cutting off our own head? It reminds me of the ouroboros, constantly devouring itself. Maybe that's how peace is created, when people are too busy picking up the pieces of destruction to bear arms. It's been a long time since I've heard anything about the keystone pipeline. How easy it is for some to forget. There are major consequences to digging up sacred sites. This past set of eclipses really set things off in a major way. It's funny how people can pretend that the stars and planets have no effect on us. We like to think we're above these subtle waves but how could we be a part of everything without feeling a little bit of it? Everyone on this planet is the manifestation of an ancestors dream. The life I'm living was given to me by all the people that dreamed up things into reality long before I arrived on the scene, the plans of a house, street, name, building, car. The utensils I use to eat, draw, the way we utilize electricity. People have invented a number of incredible things and there are others that see inventions and intentionally find a way to make them disappear, they see it as a threat to money and big business control. Tesla is a prime example, a purveyor of free energy, he had a vision that would have changed the nightmare we see unfolding today so dramatically. As a lover of science and quantum physics, I can't help but think that reality exists. Sometimes I like to imagine what that world is like. Can you see it too?